For Portrait:

“Rosa’s significant technical facility is matched by his emotive phrasing, where every note counts. The strength and lyricism in his writing, however, is placed in relief by the excellent musicians who contribute much to a genuinely impressive debut. Portrait announces not only the arrival of a noteworthy talent in Rosa, but of a wonderfully convincing quintet too.”
– Ian Paterson, All About jazz (4 stars). Read the whole review here.

““Portrait” is a convincing and robust debut by any standard and incorporates all the traits that embody the genetic makeup of New York jazz. Throughout the album Rosa proves himself to be a triple-threat, filling the roles of composer, instrumentalist and bandleader with a sense of matured facility. His music contains an abundant mixture of sentiment and imagination with healthy amount of audacity thrown in for good measure. Undoubtedly “Portrait” is a worthy listen for enthusiasts of jazz and Latin-jazz alike.”
-Ian Stewart, Timba. Read the whole review here.

“Much to be impressed by on this mix of intellect and passion.”
-George Harris, Jazz Weekly. Read the whole review here.

“Rosa shows a vast music knowledge and command over his instrument on his fluid improvisations all throughout the recording.”
-Wilbert Sostre, Caribe Magazine. Read the whole review here.

Jazz Podium Magazine
Jazz Podium Magazine
El Nuevo Dia
El Nuevo Dia

With Luba Mason:

Cabaret Scenes review by John Hoglund.

“…Rosa and Caswell kill on a dueling-fiddle arrangement of Lou Reed’s “Pale Blue Eyes.” – Tonya Pinkins, Bistro Awards. Full review here.

Times Square Chronicles review by Stephen Sorokoff.

Theater Pizzaz Review by Joel Benjamin